SONG: Ten To One ARTIST: The Mighty Sparrow Composer: Slinger Francisco Publ: Copyright Control CD: Sparrow Dance Party (BLSCD 1015)

I am thrilled to present the unrivaled "Calypso King of the World" The Mighty Sparrow and his sensational 8-piece band The TNT Troubadours , on their first tour of Australia.

The man affectionately dubbed "The Birdie" has a career that spans over 40 years and counting! Sparrow has released over seventy albums, and has a string of international awards. This remarkable singer, lyricist, composer and all round entertainer is an eleven time Calypso Monarch including the King of Kings Competition where every monarch in the calypso world is invited to compete against him.

Sparrow is renowned for his biting social comment; his humour and his all round political savvy.   Songs such as "Cricket Lovely Cricket", "First Black Miss Universe", "Capitalism Gone Mad", " Jean & Dinah", "What's The Use of Getting Sober", "The Rebel", "Shake & Brake Your Bam Bam", and literally hundreds more have entertained audiences around the world.

Sparrow's roots are in Gran Roi, a rural fishing village in Grenada. He was born to a poor working class family. They migrated to his adopted homeland, Trinidad when he was just one year old. His vocal abilities reflect his childhood role as the head choirboy who sang baritone and tenor in Latin in church.

The MIGHTY SPARROW brings all the excitement, and sheer musical exhilaration of Carnival to Australia. The roots of this enduring Caribbean celebration dates back to the early 1800's when the emancipation act saw thousands taking to the streets to party, dance and celebrate freedom.

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne get ready for the biggest soca parties Australia has ever seen. Bring your bells, whistles, flags, family and friends for an evening of high energy, non-stop entertainment. See you on the dancefloor!

Since the release of his second album, the widely acclaimed Ma Ya in 1998, Koite (pronounced KWA-tee) has grown from being one of Africa's best kept secrets to becoming an international star and one of the leading figures in contemporary world music. Recognised as a guitar virtuoso world wide, Koite is a truly modern songsmith. His deep personal roots are coupled with keen antennae for the rich culture and changing world that surrounds him.

This is reflected in his unique acoustic arrangements that draw on centuries of Malian tradition while incorporating subtle Western influences to create songs with global audience appeal.

By mixing music from many ethnic traditions, including Manding, Senufo, Fula, Kasonke and others, and writing arrangements that transpose traditional drum patterns to acoustic stringed instruments, Koite has created an evolutionary folk music that blends his warm, expressive tenor with Bamada's virtuosity on a variety of Malian and Western instruments.

On stage Koite swings from Cuban influenced grooves to ethereal and entrancing melodies, creating music that is stunningly beautiful and lyrical, rooted in tradition yet broadly accessible. His guitar music of global dimensions embraces the vibrant rhythms of Mali along with American blues, jazz riffs, flamenco, calypso and Arabinfluenced vocals


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